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USDA Inspectors Allowing Puppy Mill Abuses?

A shocking new investigative report has just been released from the USDA Office of the Inspector General. The report found that USDA employees tasked with inspecting animal breeding facilities are taking little to no enforcement actions against licensed breeders and dealers who violate the Animal Welfare Act... READ MORE

KY Man arrested for torturing and mutilating cats says he did it for "medical research"

Posted by Humane Future On Thursday, January 6, 2011 at 6:35 AM 0 comments

Alex Phelps
(Louisville Metro Corrections photo)
A Kentucky man has been arrested for torturing and killing cats, telling investigators he mutilated the cats for "medical research."

Alex Phelps, who worked for Humana, was arrested Dec. 30 and charged with four counts of torture of an animal resulting in serious physical injury or death. Detective Troy Thompson of Louisville Metro Police said there is a “good possibility” Phelps is responsible for several more cat mutilations.

Some Craigslist users also say that Phelps used the site to obtain cats. Jennifer Chappell has identified Phelps as the man who took three kittens she had advertised on Craigslist, claimimg that the kittens were for his girlfriend. Several other posters have contacted her to say they also gave Phelps cats after he replied to their ads.

During her interview with a local newspaper, Ms. Chappell mentioned that there were no “red flags” to indicate that Phelps intended to harm the animals.

Finding a home for animals is a serious matter, and there is no substitute for thoroughly screening individuals. You should never hand an animal over to someone who shows up at your door, no matter how nice they seem.

1) Never give away an animal using a "free to good home" ad

2) Ask for and check references, including a veterinary reference

3) Ask potential adopters to fill out an application and verify their information

3) Always do a home check and meet with every person in the household (in this case, Phelps claimed the kittens were for his "girlfriend")

If you need help finding a safe and loving home for animals in your care, contact local rescue groups for help. They may not have the space to take your animals, but they can often help you with the screening process if you agree to keep the animals in your home until an adopter is found.

Plastics Polluting World Oceans

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While dramatic coverage of the BP oil spill made headlines, another environmental catastrophe has been insidiously overtaking the Earth's oceans for decades.

Scientific trawls by the Algalita Marine Research Foundation show coastal waters are becoming increasingly choked with plastic debris. As these plastics break down, they closely mimic plankton, fish eggs and other food sources. They are then ingested by birds and marine life, transferring their pollutant load into the food chain. Watch Algalita's Synthetic Sea video to learn more:

Visit for more information.

Licorice is Looking for a Home in Sacramento, CA

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Licorice is a gorgeous young cat who needs a quiet home and lots of love. He is a little shy at first, but once he is comfortable with you, you'll see what a great guy he is!

He has a silly, sweet and playful personality. He will flop down on the floor so you can rub his belly, and he enjoys being petted and scratched under his chin. He gets along great with dogs and other cats.

Cats About Town Society
Sacramento, CA

His siblings, Taz and Cricket, are also available for adoption!

Spunky Bonsai is Waiting for Adoption

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I am a sucker for an orange tabby! Not only is Bonsai adorable, but he's very outgoing and friendly. He acts more like a dog than a cat. Very sweet and great with both cats and dogs.

You can meet Bonsai at the Pembroke Pines, FL Petsmart on Saturdays from 12 - 6 pm or contact Adopt A Stray to arrange a meeting at another time.

Learn more about Bonsai

Adopt A Stray
Hallandale, FL

Whale Wars: The Movie (Fantasy Casting Edition)

Posted by Humane Future On Friday, August 6, 2010 at 8:14 AM 1 comments

As many of you may know, I am a fan of Sea Shepherd and their reality show on Animal Planet. I also have a favorite procrastination activity: fantasy casting. I decided to combine the two and give you a peek at how I would cast a movie version of Whale Wars.

Enjoy and don’t forget to watch Whale Wars tonight at 9 pm on Animal Planet (US)!

The Cast:


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