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USDA Inspectors Allowing Puppy Mill Abuses?

A shocking new investigative report has just been released from the USDA Office of the Inspector General. The report found that USDA employees tasked with inspecting animal breeding facilities are taking little to no enforcement actions against licensed breeders and dealers who violate the Animal Welfare Act... READ MORE

Free Shipping on Sturdy Pet Steps from Target

Posted by Humane Future On Monday, June 14, 2010 at 5:26 PM sells affordable and sturdy carpeted pet steps -- and right now the online retailer is offering free shipping on these items. When I purchased mine, shipping was about $20 per set, so this is a great deal.

I've done a lot of searching for sturdy steps for my aging pets. I found that the 2-stair and 3-stair steps sold by Target offered a nice balance between cost and safety. They are fully carpeted over a wooden base, making them quite sturdy. They don't slip or tip at all with normal use. However, when my 18-pound kitty decides to peel out from the top step, the stairs will slide a bit on tile flooring, but they have never tipped.

The 2-stair steps ($69.99) are the perfect height to help my beagle get up onto the sofa. The 3-stair steps ($79.99 - $89.99) work well for the cats -- they reach the higher level of the bed or the back of the sofa. The only negative I've seen is that the carpet on the side of the steps isn't holding up very well to scratching, so I may try the cedar post version for the cats (which isn't currently part of the free shipping promotion).

I've found that plastic steps and "soft steps" are a complete waste of money because they break, slide or tip too easily. I also prefer stairs with a carpeted stepping surface because they provide better traction for your pet.

If you have an aging or delicate pet, you truly need to invest in pet steps. They enable geriatric or arthritic animals to reach their favorite places without assistance. Pet steps may even save your dog from having a painful accident like a chihuahua puppy I met at the vet's office. He had broken both of his front legs when he tried to jump off a bed. He is fine now, but the incident could probably have been avoided if there were steps available. Even larger breeds can have spine or joint issues that make steps a safer choice versus jumping.

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